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Santo Films is an Independent Film Production, Distribution and Consulting company created by Jeff Santo and Christie Santo. Jeff Santo's IMDb Page and Christie Collins's IMDb Page


Christie and Jeff Santo have written their first novel together, after working for years in the independent film business. Ravens In The Rain centers around Pru and Carney, she’s a woman with a past, and he’s a man with no future. Down on luck and down on love, they meet over a game of chance at an off-strip Vegas casino, and Carney wonders if Pru’s sparkle is what he needs to lift him from his darkness. He doesn’t even mind that she swiped a hundred-dollar bill from an old cowboy. It excites him. While Pru, disillusioned by her sparkle, is now accustomed to the cynical disposition of vagabond life. She’s not looking for a one-night stand; she’s looking for survival and sizing Carney up as a comfortable solution, for the moment. When she finds out who he really is, she’ll ante up for the game of her life. This novel is reminiscent of films like In A Lonely Place, The Postman Always Rings Twice, and Clash by Night. Book launch announced for September 22, 2021, available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Powell's Books, and Santo Films and more.


Jeff Santo, owner of Santo Films, has over 20 years of dedicated Independent Filmmaking experience in all aspects of creating and selling an Independent Film.  

Jeff has Written, Directed, and Produced several Independent Films. His first film, Liar's Poker, had an exclusive Blockbuster Video release in 2000 and sold in every major foreign market. 

His second film and first Documentary Feature, This Old Cub, had a six month theatrical run in 2004, playing in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minneapolis. This Old Cub DVD was Independently Distributed by Jeff and his team, selling over 40,000 DVDs exclusively on their own website. Jeff and his team also sold directly to retail stores, selling a total of over 85,000 DVDs to date. This Old Cub also had a television World Premiere on WGN America and premiered on the new and highly successful MLB Network. In 2016, Santo Films released This Old Cub Special Edition on iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, Sony Playstation and Vudu; which includes his father's call to Baseball's Hall of Fame, the statue in his honor outside Wrigley Field, and the incredible send off the Chicago Cubs and the city of Chicago gave him. 

Jeff has taught writing and directing at the film school at Scottsdale Community College, as well as spoken at several Independent Film Distribution seminars, spreading the word to other Independent Filmmakers on his grass-roots distribution success.  

Jeff's third film, an Independent Family Drama Jake's Cornershot on location in the real town of Jake's Corner, Arizona, had a theatrical release in Arizona, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and opened in Harkins Theatres in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and was number one in Payson, for three weeks. 

Jeff's fourth film and second documentary, Off The Boulevard, a Santo Films production, is about seven artists: two musicians, two filmmakers, two actors, and one comedian, whose friendships are created through struggle and perseverance. This film also features industry insights from well-knowns such as: Peter Fonda (Easy Rider), Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds), Gilby Clarke (Guns N' Roses), Sonny Barger (Hell's Angels), Dan Haggerty (Grizzly Adams), and Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam).

Jeff's fifth film, and another Santo Films production, Dead In 5 Heartbeats, is a fictional feature based on the successful novel by Sonny Barger, who also Produced the film with Jeff. The film was successfully released in a 14 city theatre tour, independently, in April 2013. Quickly followed by the 2 disc DVD release, selling in over 70 countries worldwide, and now released digitally on iTunes, Vudu, Google Play, and Sony Playstation platforms worldwide; swiftly becoming a cult classic amongst the motorcycle culture.

Jeff Co-Wrote Hell's Angel, based on Sonny Barger's life story, for Fox 2000

He also Directed a stand-up comedy special for Comedian Bob Rubin, released on Netflix in 2020.


Christie Santo, co-owner of Santo Films, began her creative pursuits with a Creative Writing degree from California State University of Long Beach, and studied the Stanislavsky and Meisner Acting Methods at C.S.U.L.B. and with T.C.T. in San Francisco. 

With Santo Films, Christie was the Editor, Co-Writer, and Producer of Off The Boulevard

In 2011, she Edited and Acted in a music video for country artist Nick Nicholson, for his song Neon Grave which is also a Santo Films production. 

As Editor for This Old Cub Special Edition she added over 20 minutes of new footage to This Old Cub, including the last interview Ron Santo gave to his son, Jeff, before his passing in December 2010. 

She Executive Produced and Edited Dead In 5 Heartbeats with Santo Films; she even played a small role in the film. 

She also Edited a Santo Films produced stand-up comedy special for Comedian Bob Rubin, released on Netflix in 2020.

Christie has freelanced as a ghostwriter for novels, has published a short story, and has written various articles and guest posts. 

She co-wrote a romantic noir novel with her husband, Jeffduring the pandemic, titled Ravens In The Rain: A Noir Love Story, adapted from a screenplay they wrote together. The book released on September 22, 2021 to critical acclaim and the audiobook, produced by Santo Films, even reached #18 in Noir Fiction.